Wednesday, 6 April 2011

my sweety 21

oday has been wonderful! and really -I've been celebrating for a few days now. I had a great lunch with friends on monday, a fabulous 13 mile run on saturday, dinner out with Kent that evening, nutella and cream cheese crepes for breakfast on Sunday, and all sorts of fun today with Kent and the kiddos!

I think that 21 has got to be the coolest age.  I feel like I'm living the best years of my life right now.  I've already got everything I could have hoped and wished for and now I'm just enjoying it. My life is perfect and only looks to get better!

This year should be really exciting!  I've got plans for lots of craziness and adventure and I'll hopefully blog about it all!

Birthdays are the best.  Everybody deserves to have a day all about them :)  Plus- I heard 21 is the new 20.

dunia baru ku..

Selepas hari ulang tahunku yang ke-21 pada 06/04/1990 lalu aku akan mulakan hidup baru..